5 valuable things you just might have

1: In God We Rust coin: No it is not a prank, it is actually a real coin. The reason they forgot the “T” for “Trust” is because of a spelling mistake. Expect a few hundred dollars for a coin like that. Please note that it will be only on a Kansas quarter.


2: Beatles old, unrevised Yesterday and Today album: The beetles first Yesterday and Today album originally had a bunch of severed doll body parts on it. It was released in 1966 but it was taken from stores for being to graphic and was replaced with one with the Beatles crowded around a suitcase. However, you will get payed 4,500 £ (£ means british pounds) for the butchered doll parts one.


3: Original Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone book: Originally, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was the name of the first Harry Potter book. When it came to the US it was changed to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone by a US editor. Also, the author’s name on the copy write page was changed from Joanne Rowling to JK Rowling. If you have an original Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone book, with Joanne Rowling on the copy write page, expect at least 40,000 £ for it.


4: A Ming Vase or bowl: No kidding, recently a family found a Chinese Ming Dynasty bowl at a garage sale. They will most likely be white porcelain and elaborately designed. And there is a chance that like the garage sale family, you might be able to find a real Ming bowl or vase! You may get payed over 300,000 dollars for it. I would also like to note that this works for any piece of Ming pottery and also works for Qing pottery. (The Qing dynasty was the dynasty after the Ming Dynasty.)


5: Mint Condition Honus Wagner baseball card 1909-11: The most valuable card in sports history. The chances you have one of these is almost nil, only 200 were made because the people who were endorsing these cards was a tobacco company and Honus Wagner didn’t want to endorse tobacco towards young fans. Still, if you happen to come across one of these cards, you can expect 2.8 million dollars.



You may begin to consider visiting garage sales every once in a while.


A Wrinkle in Time MOVIE review (contains spoiler)



Based on a classic, John Newbery medal winning novel A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L’Engle. And before I begin I’d like to define a word that will come up quite frequently: “Camezotz”: It is one of the planets controlled entirely by evil.

Unfortunately, I can not say I liked this movie. In fact, most of the time it was completely unenjoyable. It did not live up to anything in the book (my favorite book of all time by the way) in any way whatsoever. It can easily be compared to a balloon. It has a colorful outside but inside is nothing but air.

Many characters casted were black and so was the director. I never like a movie with all white actors so I can at least give A Wrinkle in Time that much.

And some of the scenes on Camezotz were well acted, and creepy like they are supposed to be. The event where Meg saves Charles Wallace from IT, the all-knowing, psychopathic, and just downright evil brain was well acted and so was everything else that happened on Camezotz.

But that is no excuse for the rest of the movie. Some of the characters were poorly casted, either that or the script was bad because the acting was sort of “wooden-as if they were reading from a script,” as my Mom put it. I can’t disagree with here there. It didn’t have the same feel as well rehearsed and well acted movie.

Oh, and what bothered me most: How the movie didn’t follow all the events of the book. I made a top 4 list of all it got wrong. Some of it isn’t big but it still just made me angry and ruined my experience watching the movie:

  1. On the planet Uriel. The first stop while tessering. Mrs. Whatsit transforms into a beautiful creature and carries the children up into the sky. In the book Mrs. Whatsit becomes a giant, winged centaur, but in the movie she becomes a giant, flying salad leaf with a head basically.
  2.  In the movie Meg is bullied at school by a stupid popular girl named Veronica. Doesn’t need to be there and doesn’t happen in the book.
  3. Big one: In the book, after Meg’s trip to Camezotz where she retrieves her Dad and Charles Wallace is probed, Meg (her father actually) tessers to a planet and leaves Charles Wallace. While on the planet she gets cared for by wonderful beasts before she (and only she) returns to Camezotz to save Charles Wallace. The planet with beast scene never happens in the book.
  4. In the movie, Camezotz seems to change appearance (sometimes being the town, other times being a beach), but in the book Camezotz stays the same, it’s just that everyone is probed.

I hope I’ve made my point clear, in case I haven’t it is as follows:


Summary of the movie: It has been 5 years since Meg Murray’s father has disappeared. But did he abandon them? He is a scientist who sincerely loved his wife, Meg’s brother Charles Wallace, Meg’s other brothers (two twins named Sandy and Dennys), and most of all Meg. Anyway, one day, 3 mysterious women (let’s say creatures) invite Meg, Charles Wallace, and Meg’s boyfriend Calvin O’ Keefe on a dangerous journey through space and time -against a dark force, evil – to find Meg’s father. 

I would like to note that the summary I just wrote is also a summary of the book if that makes sense. 

Notes about the movie: 

  • Received 39% on rotten tomatoes
  • Released: 2018
  • Is a Disney movie
  • Directors: Ava DuVernay, John Kent Harrison
  • My rating: 1.86/5 stars


Pictures from the past ~ scary, interesting, beautifully taken, right before disaster etc.


Migrant Mother~Probably the most famous dust bowl picture. It is of a poor dust bowl migrant moving west. Taken by Dorothea Lange in 1936.


Metro Goldwyn Mayor Jackie the lion~ Many believe the MGM lion was tortured so it would roar, this is what it was really like. No lions were harmed, people, no lions were harmed. This is of Jackie the Lion, taken 1928.


Photograph of a 94 year old woman~ Photo of Hannah Stiley, the earliest born woman to have a photo taken of her, taken in 1840. Hannah was born in 1746.


Fire escape collapse~ This photo was taken when during a fire, the fire escape collapsed underneath the people trying to use it. It won the pulitzer prize. Taken, 1975.


Al Capone’s soup kitchen, great depression~ One of the first soup kitchens. Run by Al Capone, no joke. One of the first soup lines. Taken 1931.


“Please give my Dad a job”,~This is a photo of a child with an unemployed father, asking for a job during the great depression. Note: I could not find when this picture was taken.



Sgt. Stubby WW1 hero (and a dog) being awarded~ Sgt. Stubby was a dog that fought in WW1, he would bark towards trapped soldiers and stuff like that. This is him doing a victory walk in front of a crowd.  Note: I couldn’t find when this was taken.



5 beautiful extinct animals dead because of us

  1. Tasmanian Tiger. It looked like a mix of a dog and tiger, and was home to Tasmania. However, when British settlers first came to Tasmania, they found that the Tasmanian tiger were eating their sheep. So they were shot much like deer. The last one died in a zoo in the 1930’s. See the only video of one here.
  2. Moa. I’ve done a post about this one, it was a 12 foot high bird that lived in New Zealand. The Maori hunted it because of it’s impressive features and they died off in the late 1300’s. Some sailors have reported seeing large birds from their boats in Northern New Zealand, probably not a Moa though.
  3. Dodo. Probably the most famous extinct animal. It was an about 2 foot high bird that lived on the island of Mauritius. When settlers landed on Mauritius, their dogs would eat the birds and by the late 17th century, they were dead.
  4. Great Auk. It lived in cold climates but became endangered in the 19th century because it was meaty, easy to hunt, and had beautiful feathers that could be made into clothes. It went extinct in the 1840’s.
  5. Golden Toad. The Golden Toad was a tiny, bright gold toad that lived in central america. It’s climate was destroyed by humans and it was last seen in 1989. It was declared extinct 5 years later. See a footage of them here.

And that was only a few extinct animals destroyed by humans. Next time I’m going to write about critically endangered animals.


My visit to Vancouver

Last summer I visited British Columbia Canada. More specifically Vancouver. After that me and my family drove through Alberta and flew home from Calgary. Here is what I have to say to anyone planning to visit Vancouver:


Actually, it isn’t much unlike America. Vancouver is sort of like visiting California. Tall mountains, nice enough climate.

It has a large Asian community so you can get some really good Asian food. Which is good because I really like Asian food.

And in general the people are pretty nice. Not saying that people in other countries aren’t nice. But let’s just say Canada isn’t a bit like visiting an ultra conservative, high militarized community.

There is some great scenery. 10,000 foot mountains. Lakes. Bays looking off into sunlit ocean. I climbed the Chief and the view of the forest, lake, and trees was unforgettable!

I can’t say this about the whole year in Vancouver, but when I visited, the weather was warm and moist. As I said before, like visiting California. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Well, I have no regrets about my visit. If you want somewhere to take a vacation, choose Vancouver.

Another 15 amazing facts that will amaze you 100%

Because, hey, why not.

  1. Women in Switzerland were not given permission to vote until 1971.
  2. In Saudi Arabia it is illegal to name your child “Alice” because it is apparently a name more found in the Western world. A big ‘no no’ in Saudi Arabia.
  3. A man once faked his own death so he wouldn’t have to pay his cellphone bill.
  4. 26% of teenagers spend 16 1/2 hours on technology.
  5. You can buy a jar of human toenails online for a couple dollars. Though why anyone would do it is beyond me.
  6. When Kim Jong Il died in 2011, citizens were forced to cry and mourn in the streets for over 100 days and if they appeared not sad enough, they would be sentenced to 6 months of hard labor.
  7. Facebook was originally used just for colleges. Only college students could use it. Now it has over 1 billion users.
  8. 16,000, hours of content are published on youtube every second.
  9. Pewdiepie’s full name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg.
  10. An average american household would have to work for 1,155 years to match the weekly income of Pablo Escobar’s Medellin Cartel.

    420 million dollars weekly!!! Weekly!! 
  11. According to a survey done, the most unpleasant noise a person can hear is that of a knife rubbing up against a bottle.
  12. When the Pyramids of Giza were being constructed woolly mammoths still existed on an island off the coast of Russia.
  13. Never call an Inuit an “Eskimo”. It means stupid people who eat raw meat in Norwegian.
  14. It is impossible to hum with your nose plugged.
  15. A woman in the UK spins articles of clothing out of protein from sour milk.